Source preview review of EAST

88 London Road invited The Brighton Source into the rehearsal rooms for our upcoming production of Berkoff’s inimitable EAST.

Mike Aiken joined the cast and crew for their rehearsals last week and sat with them, over lunch, to discuss the upcoming production, warts and all.

“We like the monumental swearing. The cast take it to extremes, shouting with such spirit, that it crosses over into Anglo-Saxon poetry. We hear ‘doth thy’ F words and ‘willst thy’ C words frothing from their lips. Shakespeare is surely smiling in the wings.”

East will be running from the 26th of April, right through the Fringe ’til the 21st of May. The production stars Karl Kenney-Williams, who first appeared in a production of the play five years ago.

“Change some names, change some dates, and these aren’t outdated tracks. Snowdrop Production’s ‘East’ gives us the intense, unvarnished lives of others, close up. It’s 2016, it’s in our face and we can’t take our eyes off the stage. If you like your theatre raw, you’ll love this.”

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Photo by Miles Davies