Brothers of War

+ Q&A with Mike Carter

Spring 1939, and all appears calm on the Jackson family farm, nestled safely in bucolic English countryside. Farm boy, Jake Jackson, lives for girls, guns and adrenalin; his younger brother, Greg, loves poetry. Then, one balmy late spring afternoon, the bitter rivalry which had smouldered for years between the two finally reaches breaking point. With dark clouds of war looming, it is gentle Greg who unexpectedly signs up for front-line battle in France. Meanwhile, the unspoken secrets and lies tormenting the family continue to fester, with repercussions across four generations and three countries at war. Decades later, two German brothers unearth some shocking news that leads them back to England on a quest to discover the truth and finally lay the ghosts to rest.

88 London Road are offering a unique opportunity to see this  beautiful and brutal WWII movie from the independent Brighton-based film company, MCN Productions.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the film’s writer and director, Mike Carter.

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