Ella D. Gajic: Did I Choose These Shoes?

Supported by The Pebble Trust

A series of poems linked together by the theme of what it means to be a girl growing up in today’s heavily superficial society. Through the exploration of different characters, we see how the issues of gender imbalances can effect us personally. This is a piece of social commentary told through a sequence of narratives, touching on many topics that face young people – in particular young women – social pressures, dodgy periods (and why they are so stigmatised), body dysmorphia and the incessant need for self validation. Today, we still do not see more women fairly represented, as we continue to see one type of role model shrinking and warping what women think they are capable of. This piece delves into how gender stereotyping in a capitalist society can dictate the self worth of both men and women. Did we really choose the shoes we walk in? Or are we just following the paths that have been marketed to us?

Ella D. Gajic is a 19 year-old emerging spoken word poet and actress who has been performing around Brighton and at festivals.

In 2014 she was nominated for best actress by Brighton and Hove Arts Council for the title role in The Diary Of Anne Frank. She was last seen performing in the Brighton Fringe two years ago in the sell out production of Auld Acquaintance. More recently she has been recognised for her work in combining poetry with theatre; she was shortlisted for SLAMbassadors UK, through which she has been involved in a BBC pilot documentary about young people entering the arts. Ella was the winner of Brighton’s Hammer and Tongue Slam this February and will be competing in the finals at the end of the year. Her writing expresses strong political messages that reflect the lives and struggles of real people growing up today. She is supported by The Pebble Trust Fund.

‘A sharp, witty insight into being a young woman today, Lena Dunham meets the poetry of a young Joni Mitchell. Bites with passion, humour and lyricism’ – Audley + Co.

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