Hausu (1977)

Dreamland Cinema


Once a month, Dreamland at Emporium takes you on a journey into cinema dreams & celluloid nightmares. Join us in May when we will be taking perhaps our most bizarre trip yet – back in time to 1970s Japan.

Restored and re-released by Criterion on blu-ray a few years ago, this cult classic horror-comedy has been enjoying a bit of a renaissance of late. Hausu tells the story of a bunch of Japanese school girls who take a trip to an aunt’s country house and encounter demonic cats, blood thirsty pianos and evil spirits. All effects are lovingly handcrafted animation and collage, and the effect is astonishingly and hilariously fantastic and imaginative (what else would you expect from ’70s Japan?).

We are super excited to be hosting Hausu in collaboration with Dukes After Dark, and will be rebranding ourselves for the night as DREAMLAND AFTER DARK! Join us for beers, cheap scares, dismembered fingers, shrieking school girls, and mad cats.

‘Nobuhiko Obayashi’s eye-poppingly demented, jaw-droppingly inventive HOUSE is 1970s Japanese pop culture at its most delightfully unhinged extreme’ 
-Chuck Stephens, Criterion Collection

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